Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kentucky: Aye ChiWa....Owww!

So over the past two days I have been working with awesome Marty McBride. Nobody spoke truer words than when they told me how beautiful Kentucky is. It really is GORGEOUS out here. Tall blue/green grass, warm winds, hot sun. The first days a lot of fun we spent most of the day at a wicked cool barn shooting, but then poor Chelsie got sick. I think it was because of the heat, lack of water, and just pure exhaustion. We've been traveling more than we have been sleeping. But we got some food and water in her and she did a little better. Then we all went swimming in the hotel's pool and later on Marty told us a ton of stories about things he did when he was our age. He's so great we had a lot of fun. When I awoke this morning I saw red bumps on my arms and legs and they itched so bad! Yeah you guessed it...chiggers. Why thank you Marty for this wonderful surprise. Lol. The awesome Leanna was with us here as well to do hair and makeup and she took some kind of waxy hair product and rubbed it all over the bumps. She said we had to suffocate them so they would die. Intense...we don't have bugs like that here in NY I don't think. Hopefully by the time I get home there will be no more chigggaass.

Anyway, today we shot in a few different locations and had even more fun. It was a little bit harder for me to focus and be cheery because of my bites. They were itchy and aggravating, plus it was super hot. But I pulled myself together and I think I did pretty good. Right now my body aches and I'm very sleepy so it is time to crash before our trip to Nashville for a day (no shoots) and then the long 17hr drive home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Indiana: Part Deux

Today I had the opportunity to work with Bill Jones. He was a lot of fun and very easy going. At first I was a bit nervous but he understood and I shook it off. We ended up shooting five or six looks and had a blast. The other two models, ChelsieAryn and Ashley Meador also did a couple Guess inspired looks with me. Ashley's mother, Gina did all of our hair and makeup and it came out fantastic! We blasted music, danced around and got some really awesome images. The best part; ordering two 12 cut pizzas and breadsticks and having NO leftovers. Haha. We are models who love to eat I must say. Todays looks were very fashion/editorial based and all in studio which was pretty cool. I really can't wait to see the photos!

Tomorrow we must leave the Meador's home and set off for Kentucky. They have been wonderful hosts and appreciate everything they have done for us. Chelsie and I got really close with Ashley so it will be hard to leave her, but we know we will see her again soon when she travels our way to shoot in NY! I am very excited for this. =]

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Indiana: The Breeding Ground For Corn

At 11:30pm on Thursday night, fellow model ChelsieAryn and I departed from little old Albany, NY for our ten day modeling trip. First stop on our list is Indiana. Another model, Ashley Meador has been so hospitable as to host us while we are here. Quite a talented young woman! Check her out here!

Needless to say, the title of this post says it all. Once we crossed over from Ohio into Indiana there was corn everywhere. This place is covered in corn. Also you can find a tractor trailer probably every 5th vehicle in this state. There are also all of these restaurants that I've never heard of like, Oh Charley's. Apparently it's delicious so I will be checking this out before I leave Monday. This state is definitely interesting and beautiful.

Our first shoot here was with Kevin Hudson ( We of course had the wonderful Leanna Grinsell ( with us for hair and makeup. The shoot went FANTASTIC and we did 5 looks. A couple fashion and a couple on the more portrait/casual side. We joked around and had a good time as we shot. Nothing better than that! Everyone I worked with I'd recommend completely!

Friday, June 25, 2010

An abandoned building, ghostly bible and one awesome photographer!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and working with photographer, Jeff Foley. I'm always nervous about meeting new people, but as soon as I met him, Jeff just had that personality that made me feel at ease. Within the first five minutes of talking with him, I felt like I'd known him my whole life. He's so personable and easy to get along with. He makes silly jokes and knows how to have fun. His assistant/makeup artist/hair stylist, Krystal Chromczak was a one woman show for sure! She made me look fantastic, and finally a person who can get my crazy hair to hold curls! So, Jeff asks me, am I okay with trespassing? Well what do you think? OF COURSE I AM! Now, I won't give Jeff's secret abandoned locations away, but this was insanely awesome. While he was setting up his numerous lights, I walked around and just felt so amazed by the beauty that comes with destruction. I found old books, headphones and flyers amongst trash and broken beer bottles. When Jeff told me we were ready to start shooting, I walked to my place between the lens and the lights and beside me on the ground was a special book, the Holy Bible. I bent down to touch it, only to realize that someone had half burned it. I was astonished! By burning a bible that has to be a one way ticket to hell after you die. I sure am Catholic my fans, so yes I believe that is a HORRIBLE thing. I refused to touch it and left it in its place on the ground, and so when you see the photos, maybe you'll find it in there. I shook of the creepy, spiritual feeling that came over me, turned on some music and we pumped out amazing images. Just looking at them on the camera I am excited to see the finished products. Needless to say, it was an awesome shoot and I would definitely work with Jeff again on more projects! He definitely gave me an amazing memory to carry with me.

On my way home from the shoot.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tara Smith Casting

So, today I decided to enter a casting for Tara Smith; organic and natural haircare. The company is looking for 5 models for their campaign. Who doesn't love organic hair product that is good for your hair?! The fun part is I need votes in order to "win" the casting.

So, I'm asking you all to vote for me once every single day and help me out. If I don't win I will not be devastated, because I did try.

Thank you in advance!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get Fit!

After some serious contemplation over the past few weeks I have decided that I need to hire a personal trainer. No, ladies and gentlemen this does not mean that I am fat. At 5'4" and 110 pounds I'd like to believe I am anything but. For self confidence issues and really needed something positive in my life right now, I am doing this for me! I want to get in shape and look good no matter what I wear; tuxedo or birthday suit. Get my drift?

I asked around to some industry friends in my area and was referred to Alan Boetticher of, Alan's Body Revolution/Albany NY Fitness! I sent over an email and he responded promptly. We both have busy schedules be we finally agreed on a date and time and met up yesterday afternoon. I have to say, he was a breath of fresh air. You know how you're always nervous that people are going to be sketchy and weird? Well Alan was nothing like that. He was easy to get along with and very kind. He asked me personal questions about my health and did not judge me based on my answers. Alan really seemed to care about me as a person and a client. After the meeting I was so thrilled it was a definite, SIGN ME UP! And now, we start training in two weeks. I am pumped.

Now most people have specific body goals when they hire a personal trainer, I however am more focused on gaining a positive body image. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. And I'm not about to develop an eating disorder to get there. I see what they do to people, so I'm trying to take a healthier approach. This industry is tough, and people can crush you if you let them. The trick is to not take everything to heart and always try to see the best in yourself. Knowing this in my brain is a lot easier than knowing it in my heart. If I have to choose a goal for my body it's to drop a couple inches from my waist and also hips. I want to fit nicely into a size 2/3 with no love handles hanging there as an eyesore.

I'll keep you updated with my progress along with other fun posts about my life! =]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Modeling 101

I started modeling one year ago this month. At first I was a little, well a lot a bit iffy on the idea of dressing up all "pretty" and having my photo taken. I was the ugly duckling for such a long time, that I still felt highly unattractive (even though I had recently begun dating an older, jock, DJ who in my eyes was gorgeous). I was the converse, t-shirt, and jeans girl. I never dressed up. And the only photos taken of me, were self portraits on my Olympus digital camera. But after the first shoot (which my modeling sister brought me to) I was hooked. So far I have learned a few lessons along the way.

Do NOT trust every photographer you meet. The outcome of that can be very dangerous. In my case, I have never been put in harms way, but have been let down on a few occasions. One time payment was promised to me for the shoot I did and the photographer then after ignored all calls and emails and eventually deleted his accounts.

Always always check references. Just because a photographer says you have a great look and will do a TF shoot with you, does NOT mean you should do it. Not all photographers will make you look amazing. In some cases they make you look really bad.

If the photographer says you cannot bring an escort under an circumstances, then it's very sketchy. Don't participate in the shoot. A good and decent photographer understands that you need to feel safe and wont object unless the person you bring will get in the way.

Know your poses, angles and expressions before going to a shoot. Or know as much as you possibly can. Most photographers will help you here and there, but if you go in knowing nothing at all it does not look good on your part, and this will make the photographer refrain from using you as a good reference or from referring you to other photographers, clients and agencies.

Have fun but ALWAYS be professional. Joking around and laughing is fine, just make sure you accomplish the goals you set out with for the shoot. If you have chemistry(not sexual, but friendly) with your photographer then the expressions are more believable and the photos come out that much better.

I do believe that's all I have for now. So far my modeling journey has been fun and exciting. And I can't wait to continue on. Browse below to follow me on my journey so far (photos are in order).

Very first photoshoot

My sister and I at my first photoshoot


Nicole in wonderland






Edgy fashion

Punk rocker


Ice Princess

Sexy, chic